Dark theme: Newsletters with dark text styles aren't visible



I really like the introduction of the dark theme - however there’s one particular case where it causes problems for me. I realise I can change back, though I’d prefer to stay dark. :sunglasses:

Some email newsletters I receive in Newsblur use HTML styling and explicitly set their text colour… to black, but don’t set an explicit background colour: so they’re shown as black text on a dark-grey background.

As you’d imagine, these are unreadable in the dark theme without opening the story outside of the dark theme.

I’m not sure what a good solution to this would be. Hopefully someone has some ideas. I’m happy to provide specific examples privately.


Thanks for writing this up. I went through and cleaned up 80-90% of my newsletters (checking around 50 different newsletters) with some CSS and I think that will take care of most other newsletters. I styled them to override the background colors, font colors, and heading colors. It’s not perfect, but at least they are all mostly readable if not drastically improved.