Dark mode (total black) on the web

On the web version it would be useful to have a night mode theme, but a blacker one instead of the current grey.

You are welcome to further customize the dark theme on the web using custom CSS. Just add it to Manage > Account > Custom CSS.

I am not familiar with these things. Is there an option to switch a darker mode on and off?

I took a few minutes and turned some elements black for you. Try adding this to your custom CSS.

.NB-dark #NB-splash, .NB-dark .NB-feed-stories,
.NB-dark .NB-story-content-container, 
.NB-dark .NB-feeds-header-user, .NB-dark .NB-feedbar, 
.NB-dark .NB-taskbar-container, 
.NB-dark #story_titles .NB-feedbar, 
.NB-dark .NB-splash-info.NB-splash-bottom, 
.NB-dark .left-south, 
.NB-dark .NB-story-title,
.NB-dark .left-pane, .NB-dark .NB-feedlist, 
.NB-dark .NB-feedlist .feed {
  background-color: #000;

.NB-dark .NB-feeds-header {
  background-color: #2f3031;

It’s far from perfect, but should be a good starting point.


Here’s the before and after:

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It’s perfect! Thanks.

I ran the white theme through the Dark Reader plugin for Firefox and it did an excellent job! It’s a lot more code, so I put it up on pastebin. I hope links are allowed.


I’m rolling with this theme now too. Thanks for the suggestion.


I love it!!! Thank you very much, now it’s perfect!