Dark Horizons rss feed stopped working

The Dark Horizons rss feed stopped working this morning. Tried adding the feed a number of times but no luck. Can you help? Thanks!

Sure, what’s the newsblur.com/site/ID url of the site when you open it on the web?

Hey Samuel: NewsBlur
I’ve also attached a screenshot to show you what I’m encountering. It seems to be pulling from the reviews tab only and not news or all links,

Ahh, that explains it. I believe you have training on that feed. Right-click on the feed title and open the intelligence trainer. That should show some hidden groups, probably a tag. You also would see a “Show Hidden Stories” button just a few pixels above the screenshot you provided.

Hey Sam: Thanks for the help. For whatever reason, the lead writer on Dark Horizons was checked with the thumbs down even though I didn’t do anything more than what I do for other sites. If you could fix the iOS app so that it doesn’t crash randomly — no rhyme or reason — on my iPad multiple times every time I use it, that would be wonderful. But the web-based site works flawlessly. Cheers! Wayne

Hi Wayne, I would start a new thread about the iOS app crashing, but double check that you’re running TestFlight, because the redesigned app is there and has been for a year, but we’re still a month away from launching it, unfortunately.