Dark and Grey themes on iOS, version 6.0

First of all thanks for adding these themes, my eyes will be happy during late night reading. Also nice touch on the gesture. It’s nice that it’s the same gesture as Tweetbot; my other heavily used app.

My only question is, are you planning to further develop the themes? they seem a little rushed, especially in comparison to the attention in detail found on the default theme(light).

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Do you have any specific suggestions? Theming turned out to be a really huge change. I think we addressed all of the truly-unreadable bits, but some stuff feels a little “off” to me too. However I am very much not a designer, so…

Let me tell you, there was nothing rushed about these themes. I spent pain-staking hours on getting them right. They are as perfected as the white theme originally was. I even went back and tuned small things that nobody would even notice. These themes are in great condition and I’m super proud of the team in getting them right.

The main parts that feel unfinished are in the story/article view. Specifically the train, save, share button in the dark/black mode, they look glossy and bit dated. A flatter color button might be a better option.
The buttons below those, the ones for switching to next feed, sharing, and switching between text/story have a rather large padding/outline around them; black in this case. It really stands out when they’re over the white text.
The grey theme, in my opinion is too light. I think it would look better if the main grey was darker, but keep the typeface the same color as it is now. Look at Tweetbot and/or overcast for reference.

Thanks for all the hard work. I really do think this is an awesome update.

As i mentioned before, I think ya’ll did amazing work. The themes are a big improvement for night reading. I just thought a few things could be improved. I’m just giving feedback. Sorry if my use of the word “rushed” insulted you, not my intention.

Thanks for all the hard and a great service.