The content on the daringfireball.net site as viewed in newsblur is now the site he linked to and not the content on his site. Gruber usually quotes parts of articles and makes comments of his own he then links to the original source in his feed. Has the parsing of feed data changed because what I read now is the original article and not his opinion in the article?

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Is now? Hasn’t it always been?

RSS feed items can only have one URL so when Gruber links to something that’s the URL in the feed (for non-link posts the URL goes to daringfireball).

You simply have to view daringfireball in feed mode (or possibly original) story won’t work due to limitations of RSS. 

With JSON feeds this could be solved as they can contain both a post URL and an external URL, you could then have the title go to the linked site while story view shows the original/subscribed site. However Samuel has chosen to make it work like old RSS feeds, showing external URL in the story view (link)…

Thanks. It works, I didn’t realize I was in a different mode. Must have changed modes accidentally and not realized it.