Daringfireball RSS Feed

The Daring Fireball RSS Feed behaves oddly in Newsblur recently. It used to be fine, but now shows just the [Sponsored] links. I do not get any of the main articles.
I have tried removing and adding the feed back, to no avail.

I see same behaviour for NewsBlur.com and iPad app.

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Yeah, you accidentally trained Gruber to be negative. Right-click on DF and open the Trainer. You’ll see the problem immediately in there.

Alternatively, you can click the Show Hidden Stories button at the top of the story titles pane and then when you see the hidden stories, you can click on Gruber’s name to switch it back to neutral or green.

Thank you for your quick and helpful reponse.
It was my user error to block John Gruber, which was unintentional.