Daring Fireball keeps disappearing from my feed list, why does this keep happening?

I add it in about once a month, and go on my merry way. Then one day I’ll notice I haven’t read anything from him for a while and the feed is gone from my list.

I don’t think he is changing the address but shouldn’t I get a missing feed error in my list if he is? I don’t know exact dates but I added on Sep 10, 2014 I will keep my eyes peeled over the next few days / weeks.

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I re-added it to all subscribers when it disappeared earlier this week. Here’s the feed: http://www.newsblur.com/site/5719506/…

Is there a way to present some kind of error instead of having feeds quietly delete themselves from our lists?

Maybe a number of subscribed feeds per user counter checking daily would help the users notice, that they lost a feed as this happens with others too (Engadget, Gizmodo).

I noticed at least once if not more than once that Daring Fireball showed up outside of any of my folders, and all of the articles were unread. Guess this may have been related…