Customization of xml feeds to restructure, switch elements around, omit parts, etc

there used to be some services to do this, anyway I can’t remember what they were called,
but the ability to reshape certain feeds which are less than ideal, using regex combined with a visual gui, and then once it looks proper, you could save it as a preset, and submit it to newsblur, in case others also want to view a more optimized/fixed feed compared to the original, maybe just call it a Filter for simplicity, like this:

context menu
clicking this command could open up a customizer (much like the trainer) and hint at pre-existing user-made filters with creator, rating, num of users etc.

![]( alt=)
then under the feed have this to indicate usage, be able to switch quickly between it and the other modes, etc.

see this thread for an example of a site showing before and after tidying:…
all that was needed for it is mostly omitting elements and re-ordering.


icons at full size

Are you thinking of Yahoo Pipes? It’s still around.

This is a very interesting idea. And thanks for the icons!

I don’t think the view tab should be there, since filtered is something you’d want to apply to any of the views — original, feed, story, and text. You still have a list of stories and a display of those stories (unless you’re in list view).

But how does the Trainer not work well enough right now? Effectively, you just want to filter through the story’s body, which you currently can’t do.

it might be, I will check it out, thanks

yes the trainer works good for it’s purpose though, of whole story hiding, but when I say filtering, I mean using patterns that apply desired changes to all items matching it in the feed.
well I am almost exclusively using split-view, and feed-mode. I tend to scroll in the upper frame mostly, glancing at titles, though that isn’t preferable, if the heights of each item are small enough to fit several onscreen in the lower frame, I’ll scroll over those instead, though some feeds like the one I mentioned won’t fit even 1 item onscreen,
which is what got me thinking in the first place to find a way to optimize it,
I’ll elaborate further with an example feed:

after that “filtering” it will look like this:

and without filtering for comparison:

another idea: make those train/save/share buttons always visible (floating)

come to think of it, filter is the wrong term for it. custom view would be better.

Yeah, this is an interesting idea. I’ll noodle on it for a bit, although I’m afraid it looks too complicated for most people, although that hasn’t stopped me before (specifically how NewsBlur has training, which no other competitor can match).

it’s awesome, I can definitely make some feeds more streamline with this.
in case anyone else is interested with the results using yahoo pipes see this thread (second message with screenshot). is nice.…

true. well maybe this could be considered advanced training