Custom URLs for blurblogs

This is low, low, low priority because I know you have a bazillion bugs to fix before even starting to implement new ideas but it’d be nice if we’d be able to set custom URLs (either by CNAME or A records) to our blurblogs. I had my old sharing/linkblog at for example.


+1 for enabling the setup of a custom domain

So I could do this, but you won’t be able to login. Perhaps I should strip the NewsBlur bar at top if you’re on a CNAME?

In fact, it would be a bit weird, as you couldn’t login or perform any logged in action. I’d have to retool the blurblog to support this. Anybody else want to see custom domains?

Yes! But would custom domains be free, or a paid-only feature?

Writing a blog front end for a blog aggregation tool?  Maybe create an RSS feed of the blur bog to be consumed by a blog engine or CMS. Otherwise NewsBlur becomes two products to manage.

A user’s Blurblog already has an RSS feed for it.

Any blog that can consume an RSS feed should already be able to do that.

(Worse case you could use an IFTTT script to cross post. But, it shouldn’t be needed if an RSS feed can be consumed.)

NewsBlur is already a half dozen things to manage. The web app, ios app, android app, api (which ifttt uses), the hundred backend servers, and the community. Besides, blurblogs are their own entire front-end already. Notice that not a single other RSS news reader has anything like Custom domains would be fine for this sort of thing. 

Yes, I would make it a premium only feature. You wouldn’t pay extra, it would just be part of the premium deal.

I would like this :slight_smile: I have a domain I plan to keep forever and this would be perfect for it.