Custom icons for feeds

I use NewsBlur in conjunction with NewsReel for Apple TV. Some websites have high-res icons while others still have only 16x16, which looks pretty bad on a big screen.

I would love to see custom icons for feeds, so I can specify a URL or upload an image and have it apply to my feed.

This has been requested a few times in the past though my reason for requesting is slightly different:


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I’d like to chime in here (I’m the OP in the 2nd link).

Up until today I was actually happy with the icons and didn’t feel like I needed the functionality of custom icons any more. But after setting up News Letters, I now need it more than ever. My newsletters have no icons and it’s kinda driving me nuts.

With that said, it would be cool if we are also allowed to upload .svg files as an icon. This will let the icon scale nicely on any monitor/newsblur setup.