Current item moved when item is opened

This behavior started happening with v11 of Newblur iOS app. It’s a bit difficult to describe, and has a “random” nature to it, but it does happen often

When viewing and item, and I click the header of the item to open it as a link, for me, it lauches the web-browser (Safari) and it opens the item. When I switch back to Newsblur… my “current item” will no longer be on the item I was previously on… it seems to move me down to the bottom-most item on the feed. Though, the item in the right-hand pane doesn’t change. Leading to wonky behavior, as for me it marks the previous items as “read”, even though i didn’t read them

Hope this description is good for describing the issue

A set of screenshots would be incredibly helpful here! We’ve also redesigned the story list from scratch (in the catalyst branch on github) so this may be changing soon.