Credit card payment (recurring?)


If I make a payment using a Visa card, would this create a recurring premium plan, like with Paypal?

I would like to do a one-off payment without using Paypal, and then manually renew the following year.

Apologies if this gets asked a lot, I couldn’t find a similar post…

Sure, you can manually renew. But NewsBlur will setup a recurring payment subscription which you can then immediately cancel. Then when it comes time to renew, NewsBlur will email you (and give you a 1 month grace period) to renew.

Thanks Samuel! Can I cancel from within Newsblur, or would I do that from my bank?

You can do it from the web interface.

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Hi Samuel. I am having difficulty cancelling my premium subscription via the web interface. The button “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL” links to “#”, or at least it does for me. Accordingly, I click it, and nothing happens. Appreciate your help with this.

Yes I need to fix this. Technically the button works but the dialog doesn’t confirm it for you. I’m swamped right now but I’m planning to get the confirmation fixed. But if you hit the button, rest assured it does still work on the backend.

No worries, thanks for confirming.