Creating a Monthly Subscription

Why isn’t there an option to have a monthly subscription, ala Spotify or others?

I’m not going to sign-up for a yearly subscription, but if it were $3/mth automatically charged to me, then I would.  I’m sure many others are in this same category, as well.

(Side note:  the post-login account homepage of NewsBlur incorrectly identifies the price of the subscription, as it is different from what is shown when you attempt to subscribe.)

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Since I’m a solo developer, it’s too difficult to balance expected revenue and individual payments. It’s far easier for me to plan with an annual subscription. It’s $24/year and it’s the least expensive plan among readers.

I’m not arguing the price.  I’m arguing the convenience of the payments – even if it was a year-long commitment, $2/mth is more palatable.  That’s still the same amount each year, guaranteed.