Crash when saving to Instapaper.

I’ve managed to crash the latest version of NewsBlur for iPhone several times, by using the “Send to Instapaper” function. Both times, it seems like network trouble had delayed saving—and there is no feedback from pressing the button—so I tapped the Instapaper button in the “Send to” menu multiple times, thinking that the first tap didn’t take. Immediately after saving the link to Instapaper, NewsBlur crashed. This was on an iPhone 5, latest iOS.


Having similar problem with iPad Air on 7.0.4 once I updated the app, as I had been running an older version. Most of the time does not crash immediately, but no reponse when clicking send to instapaper, but will crash after pressing a few times.

The iOS sharing rewrite is nearly here. It’s completely rewritten and is finally awesome. I’m nearly done and it will be launching before March 12th, the google reader shutdown notice anniversary.

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Good news! The enterprise build for the iOS app v4.0 beta 2 is now up. Visit this URL on your iPad or iPhone:

Let me know how that works and if you spot any bugs.

The story titles on bottom preference is totally broken, by the way. I’ll get to fixing it, but right now make sure story titles are on the left on the iPad app by dragging the divider down.

Massive, huge, awesome improvement. Thanks.

A few things (only tested on iPad for now): auth isn’t working.

When I share to OmniFocus, I get raw HTML in the note — not sure if this is an Overshare issue but if you could strip it, that’d be nice.

There’s no “Close” button in the in-app browser any more. I can swipe to close, but an explicit button might be useful.

Is there any rhyme or reason regarding the sorting of items in the list? Not having Apple’s idiotic horizontal scrolling list is certainly an improvement, but for example, Twitter and are not together and I’d prefer to move the “Copy” stuff somewhere else (or hide it) as I’d almost never use it.

And cosmetic issues, I’m sure you’ve noticed some of these…

Those “cosmetic” issues are all fixed in the latest. I just wanted to get something out there for you. I’ll release another update tonight and tweet about it just to get more eyes on the beta.

Cosmetic is in quotes because those are far worse than cosmetic.

True, I was trying to be generous :slight_smile: The first one is really cosmetic though, and the others are work-aroundable.

Thanks — beta 3 seems to fix all the “cosmetic” stuff but none of the issues in my original post ( & OmniFocus sharing, closing the in-app browser, etc.)

One more “cosmetic” issue is that longer dates get cut off with preview images enabled.

For completeness, in the final version: is still broken; missing would be better than broken.

OmniFocus is still getting raw HTML.

The “Close” button on the iPad in-app browser is still missing, but there are several other threads about that (and sorry it was so technically challenging. Ugh.)

The cosmetic issues are fixed, including one I noticed in the later betas where the story being displayed would be off by one.

Biggest issue at the moment (which wasn’t there in the betas) is a crash when viewing a shared story:…

Great update overall.

I fixed the crashes, but the App.Net bug is news to me.

Maybe it’s because I have two-factor auth enabled? I’m still getting the error I posted a few posts back.