Crash on opening iOS notifications

So after having constant problems with the notifications crashing on the main branch app. I went back to the beta version. Which was working perfectly with no bugs. Although as of today Test flight beta expired.

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We just pushed out a new release on the App Store that should address crashes. If you’re using the latest release and still seeing issues with notifications please let me know and share your username so we can take a look.

I am assuming it’s the latest release as I just installed it after the beta expired. And yes I am still having the issue, otherwise I would not have asked about the beta expiring. My username is Sleepylizard.
Thanks for the help.

What phone are you using? And what’s the OS version?

Iphone 13 pro max.
IOS version 15.5

Ok, we’ll get on it and try to reproduce the bug. Is there a particular feed that causes the crash? If you turn on more sites for iOS notifications, do any of those work or is it every story?

Here’s the GitHub ticket if you’d like to follow along:

I did see an email from Git hub concerning this thread… I am a very active lurker in Git hub. The global news feeds are a 100% problem. The apple developer news feed I know crashes. I will experiment with some other feeds and post what I find. The only thing that comes to mind is it might have started when I changed my username.

My renewal comes due in the next couple days. If it works better for you I can create a new account test it and if works properly either purchase a new premium subscription or if the new pro level is coming soon just wait for new tear of service.

Stick with your current account, there’s no need to change anything. And if there’s a bug, we want to find it and fix it. I don’t think a username change would do it. It’s very likely to be an edge case we haven’t seen yet.

But of a necro but I’ve been having this issue lately, selecting any of the “Interactions” (lightning bolt) menu gives the spinner like newsblur is looking up the story for that interaction, then crashes after several seconds. I could prob record a video if necessary

iPhone 15 pro max 17.3.1
Newsblur 13.0

This bug is back. Does not seem to matter what feed the notification is from.