CPU usage

The website causes an excessive amount of cpu usage on Opera 11.52, running on Linux. Opening the site causes 40% cpu usage on a C2D 2ghz machine. Closing it returns usage to normal.

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Pretty heavy on Javascript — might try Chrome, which has great benchmarks?

Just to see…

Chrome seems to work fine. Unfortunately, Chrome is not my browser of choice (for various reasons that are irrelevant here)

Actually, Just ran a sunspider on both: chrome is slower :wink:

Well, I do load the Original site in an iframe, so that’s going to hurt. Pretty much every site’s memory leaks become my memory leaks. And because I proxy the site, there is no sandboxing (which is how I am able to detect where you are on the original page).

If you want to squeeze out much more performance, switch your default view to Feed or Story and then you’ll only get memory-leak-free stories or sandboxes-iframes.

I’ll have to revisit the site in the Web Inspector’s Profile tool. I check every month or so and weed out any obvious memory leaks.

Also, I realize that I’m only talking about memory usage above, but NewsBlur is a CPU-intensive site. I try to keep my timers to a minimum and try to cache as much information as possible so I don’t have to constantly fetch selectors and positions. But CPU usage is far less of a burden than is memory usage.

Samuel, thanks for your answer.

It just puzzles me why it uses so much more CPU on Opera vs Chrome. Is there any test/anything I can try to see why it’s such a hog there?

I can say that now this site works perfectly on Opera (12.14).