Could you freeze the Story Titles Pane?

Would it be possible to give us the option of freezing the header for the Story Titles Pane in place. That way, only the story titles would scroll. Then we wouldn’t have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the list to click the “All read” button.

I am using the default bottom right configuration, which I prefer.

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That’s the design. You have the feed title replicated on the left side as well, so you’re only losing the mark as read button and the All/Newest control, both of which control the feed which starts at the top. It’s designed that way quite purposefully.

Well, it is the loss of the “Mark as read” button that I don’t like loosing. Once I get down to the bottom of a feed that has added lots of daily stories, the only way I see to mark them as all read is to scroll ALLLLLLLLL the way back to the top and click the button. I don’t really care if the header disappears. I would just like a simpler way to mark the stories as read. Could you put another “all read” button somewhere else so that it would always be accessible?

Even a keyboard shortcut would be fine.

Or am I missing something already available?

Yup: shift+a. Check them all out by hitting ‘?’

Sorry, I’d missed that. My problem is solved. Thanks for giving it your attention. And thanks for providing a good alternative for Google as it disappears. I didn’t mind paying at all, because I, for one, don’t think everything should be free.

I am now quite satisfied with NewsBlur. That was my only issue so far. And it is gone.