Copious ads in mobile apps

How about an ad - free version of the mobile app for paid users?


? I am not seeing ads unless they’re embedded in the feed…

There are no ads in the app itself. Maybe you see some ads in individual feeds you have subscribed to.

Could be in reference to Candy Crush pop-ups that appear when viewing items in the browser. I’m seeing a lot of those as well. They appear to be cookie-based? Disclaimer: I’m out of my depth and don’t have the text from the dialogue box.

My mistake and sorry for the trouble. I had suspected the app due to the similarity of the ads, but after better scrutiny, I found that the boingboing feed is the culprit. I appreciate your prompt reply, Samuel.

I despise ads, so there are definitely no ads in any of my apps. Heck, even the NewsBlur logo disappears when you are reading. It’s the feeds you’re following.