Cookie expiring

Seems my cookie for my web session is expiring once a day now, requiring a new login. This is using Chrome on Windows 10. Anyone else seeing this? Has never happened before.

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Same thing here. Chrome on MacOS.

Same here, Firefox on Windows 10.

I added a dialog to force the issue. I’ll be removing it when I’m back in on Tuesday after the New Years, but it looks like the cookie is not being sent with every single request, or rather my server is not seeing it with every request. I used to ignore it and hope for the best, now I’m forcing you to relogin. 

If you want, just hit ‘esc’ and the dialog will go away without a reload. But I need to fix the underlying issue somehow, which is why I’m forcing this for everybody right now.


Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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Still happening for me today, Wednesday January 4th. Twice this morning.

Ditto (and happy new year!)

I haven’t used Newsblur during the holidays, but I’ve gotten the “cookie expired” message three times so far today.  Firefox 50.1.0 Windows 7

I’ve been seeing this for about a week…twice today so far. Chrome on MacOS for the most part.

Good news, I just pushed out a fix for what’s happening on the web. This fix doesn’t actually do anything for the underlying cause, but since it’s intermittent, I just have the web re-send the request if it comes back unauthenticated and it expects it to be authenticated. If it still fails, then you’ll see that error message.

Reload NewsBlur and if you still see that message, let me know. Reload the page and you should be logged out, as that’s the only way that message should show.

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Happened again, Chrome on OSX.  First time in several days.

Have had it several times again today. 

Just now, again.  Chrome on OSX.  No login screen, just clicked the button & it reloaded.

has happened the last couple of days, firefox on vista.

I’m still trying to track this one down. If you get this message you can just hit ‘esc’ for now, but I need to figure out why it’s happening. I upgraded all of NewsBlur’s many dependencies about a month back and it’s clear that one of them is causing this. I’m going to be upgrading Django soon and that will hopefully fix it.

Same exactly for me.

Please add a button for the ‘esc’ action, for when a keyboard isn’t convenient.

Still getting this bug a couple times a day.  Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) on Windows 10.

Condolences from this web dev to you for having to debug that one!

And again this morning.

Also had a weird one where the iOS app showed me the login screen. Quit and restarted and was logged right in without issue.