Connecting to Twitter fails

I’m trying to add to my feed list. I get a message that says “Your Twitter connection isn’t setup. Go to Manage - Friends and reconnect Twitter.” When I go to Manage - Followers and click “Find Twitter Friends” it takes me to a page asking to authorize Newsblur. I click “Authorize App”, and then it redirects me to a page that says "NewsBlur experienced an error

The error has been logged and will be fixed soon so you won’t have to see this message again.

Return to NewsBlur"

When I check I see Newblur in the list of authorized applications. I’ve tried revoking the authorization, signing out of Newblur, signing back in, reconnecting, etc, but the same thing happens.

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Same problem. I’ve added Twitter feeds previously, but when I try now, it tells me I have to have a Twitter account.

Same problem. Just checked. I see NewsBlur under application in Twitter. But I get the below when I try to add any Twitter user.

Your Twitter connection isn’t setup. Go to Manage - Friends and reconnect Twitter.

Have the same problem. Additional question: do I have to authorize the app to be able to add Twitter feeds and follow those accounts each ? Thanks

Try disconnecting and reconnecting from that dialog on NewsBlur. That should force a re-sync.

It’s not clear on how I can disconnect and reconnect from that dialog on NewsBlur.

You should see a Disconnect button next to Twitter. This only applies to the web (Manage > Friends).

I had to revoke access to Twitter and then add it again. That did it! Thank you. 

This works for me now too. Thanks!