Confirm destructive actions?

Just a quick simple idea - could you make any “destructive” action (mark all as read specifically, but there may be others) require a confirmation? The iOS interface’s Settings cog and “mark all as read” buttons are awfully close and without a confirmation on the mark all button, well… Bad stuff happens. Not often, but I’ve fat-fingered the settings cog to change sort order and whoops! Everything gets marked as read.

(I’d go as far as saying that shift-A in the web interface should bring up a dialog, because people sometimes don’t realize where their window focus is…)


I’ve thought this through and decided against it. Worst case of a mark as read is that you lose your unreads. You can still go back and read the feed, so it’s hardly destructive. And there is already a confirmation (in a sense) when marking folders as read, since it asks you if you want to mark only visible stories as read or the whole folder.