Comments on the latest iOS beta (2013-03-26)

I find the shading of the buttons confusing.

For example the “ALL” and “UNREAD” buttons on the main screen:

When looking at them, I cannot discern which one is selected. I always wrongly guess that the darker one is the currently selected one.

I never had that problem with the old design!

This is actually the same with the redesign !

Look at the screenshots, both times “UNREAD” is selected.


Totally agreed. The redesign-buttons look completely inverted.

Yup, I’ll be fixing this. I just launched the inverted inverted buttons on, if you want to preview how I’ll be fixing iOS.

It crashed on me being in offline mode and trying to set something as unread

One more issue:

I cannot find a way to open an article in Safari. The new “Send to…” dialog looks good, but Safari is strangely missing from it. I am sure you are on to that, though.

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The redesigned “open original” button, which now looks like Safari’s icon or a ship’s wheel, is too confusing. Although from using the old version I knew that it was supposed to open the original page, nothing about the redesigned icon suggests that functionality.

Crashes on open on my iPad running 5.1.1

I’d really like to see like a swipe to the right to mark an article read and a swipe to the left for saving it. Sorta like Reeder does.

Basically, if he can clone how Reeder works it would be perfect

I’m strongly considering the swipe actions, just as you suggested them in fact. But better is the enemy of done, so we’ll see. If they take no longer than an hour, they’re in.