Comment Templates/Macros/Variables

I use NewsBlur exclusively for sharing articles to my feed. This involves me clicking “Share this Story” and typing a comment frequently.

There are a couple things that could really streamline the process for myself and others, and I would imagine would be relatively easy to add on the dev side.

The first necessary component would be some sort of macro/variable system to be used in comments to refer to the news article.

For example:

  • {TITLE}
  • {AUTHOR}
  • {DATE}

The second component that would make this incredibly useful would be per-folder default comment templates.

For example, in my “World News” folder I could have a default template of:
"{TITLE}" by {AUTHOR} on {DATE}

That way when I hit the share button, I can potentially just click Share again and be done, without having to manually copy and paste the information.

This would be super cool to see added.

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Hah, that would be super cool and is a neat feature. But that’s a non-trivial amount of work and I don’t see it being prioritized over other higher priority features. Anybody else want to see this?