Collect feeds while offline

I like to watch deals… a lot. But in the time between when I go to sleep and wake up, usually DealNews feed exceeds its 150 entry cap. My desktop solution for this is leave my Feedreader open all night (not optimal).

I had the idea to make a server-side solution (servers never sleep) but never found time to execute it. Then, more recently, I found your service and have begun using it. Unfortunately, you haven’t yet seen this problem/dealt with this edge case.

I would really love to see you solve this problem so I don’t have to keep on leaving my desktop on overnight. Thanks a bunch!


Feeds are updated constantly, even when you’re offline. Now, if you are the only subscriber, you need to have logged in at some point in the past 3 days (or just have been active in some way) for the feed to continue being fetched.

You mentioned a 150 story limit. That’s probably because you are the only subscriber, so it’s capped. I believe if you go premium, that cap rises to 500. Allowing an infinite archive is on my todo list, but it’s a hard problem.

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Ah, cool. Thanks for the clarification.
I am guessing sharding + “archiving” would solve your infinite problem but I still haven’t gotten my hands dirty with NoRel yet.