Coding Horror showing content not for site. Plus new sub.

All of a sudden, “Coding Horror” is showing 140 unread articles. All the articles do not come from the Coding Horror site. It actually looks like a mix of stuff from multiple sites.

In addition, a new site showed up, “Prisjakt, bevakningar”, in my “CODE” folder that also looks like a blend of different sites. This new site is showing 500 unread.

This is with a desktop browser.

With the iPhone app, I don’t see “Coding Horror” with unread stories or "Prisjakt, bevakningar " but have a different new site – “DRAFT Magazine” – and that also shows 500 unread.

I took no action and am seeing different, bizarre sites on different devices.

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On refresh (desktop) I no longer see “Coding Horror” in my Code folder. The “Prisjakt, bevakningar” site is also gone. In its place, “CHANGE-MAKERS | クラウドエコノミー創造発信メディア” with 500 unread.

I know, this is a horrible database corruption bug that I’m trying to fix. I think I have it under control, but it takes a while to find it happening. I’m not sure how I’m going to clean these up, but the easiest thing to do would be to clear the stories and download them again. I may do that, but that will wipe out a lot of older stories.

I’ve not touched any of the feeds/folders that are showing this problem. Anything I can do to help you identify/diagnose the issue? Barring that, any action I should take to clean up? I’ve intentionally left things alone in case that helped your digging.

I’m OK with you resetting the specific feeds/folder that show this problem if that solves it. I think I agree with your hesitance if this means a wider-ranging sweep.

One other thing I thought of that might be related (but most likely not) – a few days ago, I had a feed that was showing up both in the root folder and also in a sub-folder (I think it was the “Code” folder). I didn’t do this intentionally and removed it from the root folder, leaving it in the sub-folder. I performed this action in the iPhone app. At the time, I couldn’t explain how the multiple-folder config had happened and assumed I had fat-fingered something. I mention this only because it might be a trigger that caused other things to land in the wrong place. It also could be me connecting unrelated events.