Code formatting / Syntax highlighting?

I remember Newsblur doing syntax highlighting for code blocks.

Is that still available? If so, what can blogs do to make it friendlier for Newsblur?

Given I’m no longer seeing any syntax highlighting, I’m assuming this was disabled. Which is fine, however I’d like a different background or to have some border, to make it clear that it’s a code block, because right now the code snippets look out of place.

Here’s a screenshot of a random blog I follow:

Compare with how it looks in another client (Reeder):

What’s the NewsBlur<feed_id> of the site? I’d like to see what tags they’re using.

Also I seem to recall I built it in but I probably took it out as it was too cpu-heavy. I might look into this again for the web.

Anybody got any lightweight JS library recommendations?