CNN feed not working on NewsBlur for 3 days

My CNN Top Stories feed is not working through NewsBlur. Has not updated since January 3rd. All other feeds are working perfectly. It seems tone a NewsBlur issue with this particular feed. According to CNN there is nothing wrong on their side. I deleted it then added it new. Still nothing comes up. It’s across all my devices - Mac laptop, iPhone and iPad.


What’s the /site url when you click on the feed?

Since I posted I’ve done some more poking around and …  is the url CNN puts out

and clicking on the link shows in NewsBlur shows

I don’t think this is a NewsBlur issue, but  I would be interested to see if you tried the feed and have the same issue. It’s occurring across all my devices (Macbook, iPad, iPhone). I also tried downloading a different reader and had the same issue. If go directly to their feed it doesn’t show any new items since Jan. 2 or 3. I’ve sent email to their support address. I don’t think I will hold my breath waiting for an acknowledgment. The recently redesigned their site and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.