Close the right-click menu after clicking on a menu item

If I right-click on a site in the the left pane to bring up the contextual menu, clicking on a menu item runs the command but does not close the menu. I have to click somewhere else on the screen to close the menu.

If I click on the arrow next to the site name to bring the menu up, however, clicking on a menu item runs the command and does close the menu.

It would be helpful if the behavior were consistent, preferably with the menu closing after clicking on a menu item.

Using on Firefox 20.0.

Thanks for the great service!

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It should close the menu. Something’s up then. What are you clicking on that should close the menu? Is this a feed menu or a story title menu?

I first noticed in the feed menu, but I just tested it in the story title menu, and I get the same results.

For example, some times I want to mark a given feed as read because I know that I’ve read all of the stories in it outside of NewsBlur. So, I right click on the name of the feed in the left-hand panel, it brings up the menu, and I click “Mark as read”. It marks the feed as read, but the menu still shows until I hover over another part of the page for a few seconds or click on another part of the page.

If I do the same thing but left-click on the arrow next to the feed name (the arrow shows up when I hover over the name of a feed) instead of right-clicking to bring up the menu, the menu closes immediately after I click “Mark as read”. I think it would be preferable if this were the behavior for both methods of using the menu.

Thanks for your help!