Clicking tags in the header for training is broken

If I click one tag in the header, then click another one (or more) only the first tag clicked will be green. The rest of them just stay grey.

Opening up the intelligence trainer window will show all the tags I clicked as green.


What’s your browser/OS?

And are you reading by feed or by folder?

Sam, I’m using Chrome on Windows 7 (64 bit). I’m browsing by feed, mostly in Original or Feed view.

Same problem. (Win 7, Chrome 29) I read by folder. When reading the story a press green a tag, then when I want to put red another tag, it just stay grey. I need to refresh the site, look back for the story I was trying to tag and evaluate the tag… is definitely a bug there.

Algo I will suggest here that if for example, a story has 2 red tags and 1 green tag and the other tags as green, the Intelligent filter should mark this story as RED and not as green as he is doing, this will improve a lot the intelent filter and reduce the stories I don’t want. For example…

I feed and I’m interested in Arduino projects, but not in Arduino + Robotics, So If I have Arduino in green and Robotics in Red, I would prefer that the intelligence filter mark this story as red, and not green as he is doing now.

Best! And good job!