Clicking a folder displays a blank page.

Today when ever I click on a folder it displays the folder stories briefly and then changes to a completely blank page. I have tried this in Firefox (Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04) and in Chrome (Windows 7). Always the same results.


Are you in Story mode? Check the modes at the bottom of the screen.

Under Preferences / Feeds / Feed View I have “Show all Stories” selected.

I meant at the bottom of the screen, where you see original / feed / text / story.

It seems to be working now. I have “Feed” selected at the bottom. When it was not working I could not see that because the page was blank.

I take that back. It is failing again. It failed as I was scrolling down the list of articals in ‘All Site Stories’. It seems I can view any feed except the ‘Pro Publica’ feed. If I click on any other feed it works. When I click that one the screen goes blank. I presume there is a mal formed story in their feed.

This is the url that shows when I click the Propublica feed:…

I have the same issue. Clicking on anything from “Pro Publica” turns the whole website blank.

FYI: I was able to work around the problem by right clicking on the feed and telling it to mark all stories as read.

Thanks for the temporary workaround. I do hope that there might be a permanent solution.