Clear All Saved Stories

Newsblur is the most elegant newsreader on the internet. I have 97 feeds and go through them daily. One feature that would really be handy is a way to clear all saved stories in the saved stories folder. Sometimes I end up with a couple hundred items I don’t end up using for stories, and I have to clear them one at a time, which takes a while. It’s about the only ‘wish’ I can come up with for an already ‘perfect’ website. Thanks, Sam


Just like the OP, I have 350 feeds/sites that I use with Newsblur…and just like this user there are times when I need to clear a saved stories folder and the thought of “unsaving” one at a time is exhausting.

I too have requested this feature before, but maybe you can revisit the idea?

Thanks Sam. 

Newsblur Username: MinkoffMinx

This exists in a wonderful form in Manage > Account. You can even select the date to delete from!

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Thank you very much!