"Choose Your 64 Sites" Not Saving Changes

I have 80 feeds in my account, but actually only read about 40 feeds. I go into the “Choose Your 64 Sites” page and turn off the feeds that I don’t want, and my changes are not saving. I’ve went in 3 times now after saving and leaving the site for the day, and not only are my changes not saved, but I’m seeing different results each time - for example, I turned off X, Y blogs and the next day those blogs are back on but A, B blogs are now off (and they were previously on).

Known bug?

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What seems to happen to me is that when I choose my sites, that info is saved–I get the right feeds as far as I can tell–but when I go to change them again, the feed settings seem to be from a previous save. Almost like what is shown to you on that screen by default is different from what is currently active–perhaps pulled from an old, otherwise unused database table?

The feeds that i choose seem to not be related to the pre populated fields in the choose 64 list. Also it seems like deleting sites does not remove them from that list.

Good news, this has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience on this bug.