cheezburger network feeds stuck in Möbius loop

For the past couple of weeks, when looking at feeds from cheezburger network, either swiping or tapping next moves to a random item, often one just viewed, often repeatedly, back and forth. I use unread and oldest first, but even switching these, and trying article download doesn’t help. This means that I’ve gone from say, 300 news items in that folder, through - ostensibly - 50 items, and the count will then be 285 items, and I’ll have seen articles several times. The remaining items will have gaps between them where the ‘next’ function jumped around at random. This only happens on mobile, and only to this group of feeds.


app version: 4.0.1
android version: 4.4.2
device: samsung SM-N900V (MSM8974)
memory: normal
speed: 90 in 124


Not just that site. For me it is PlanetTechNews that has the back and forth problem.
Nexus 7 2013, Android 4.4.4
Newsblur app 4.0.1

I’ve seen this problem too with Cheezburger feeds.  I have them all stuck in a folder, if that makes a difference.  What seems to be happening is that the order of the items changes after reading.  Multiple CB feeds publish items at exactly the same time and they are in a certain order when all unread.  After reading the top one it goes to the bottom of the section at that particular time.  I’ve adapted to this problem by reading one item, then going back to the list and repeating.