Check connected accounts for updated avatars

Earlier this week I uploaded a new avatar to Twitter, but NewsBlur didn’t recognize this change. I tried, to no avail:

  1. clearing the cache on my browser
  2. changing the option within NewsBlur to use nothing for an avatar, then saved and re-selected my Twitter avatar

Finally I went to Settings -> Friends, disconnected my Twitter account, and reconnected it. That worked and my avatars on both sites are now the same, but it seems like there should be a way to tell NewsBlur to check and see if it has the latest picture. Ideally this would happen in the background, but it would also be okay to have a little button on the profile page that allows you to manually update the image.

Thanks for all of your work – I am loving NewsBlur more and more every day!

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That sounds like an excellent idea. Ideally I’d be doing this transparently, but a button makes it much easier for me. I’ll put that in at some point in August.