charged for premium renewal but dropped down to free account

My credit card was charged on 3/21 via PayPal for a renewal of my premium subscription, but I just got an e-mail telling me my premium account expired, and when I visited the site, it told me I only have a free account. How can I go about getting this resolved? Thanks!

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Sure thing, what’s your username? Feel free to email me as well: I just had somebody else with the same problem a moment ago and they had two accounts and paid for the other one by mistake.

hi sam,

i am also facing the same issue. Seems like my credit card was charged for renewal on 27th June but then on 4th August my account suddenly turned into free account. So I made another payment through paypal on 4th August but still my account is showing as free account till date. Could you please look into it. My username is : edelmanberlandrss