charged for premium account twice


I’ve been charged for my premium account twice, although I wanted to purchase just a year of subsciption.



If you provide your username Samuel might look into it once things calm down.

Thank you for your reply.
My username is sratostat

19.03.2013 CRD_7VE6YY \840\7187533466\NEWSBLUR PREM 17.03.13 14.03.13 24.00 USD

19.03.2013 CRD_6UE6YY 5 \840\7187533466\NEWSBLUR PREM 17.03.13 14.03.13 24.00 USD

Two weeks have passed. Are things calm enough?

I haven’t received a refund for one extra charge. It has now now been 4 weeks since the incident.

Very sad.

Google gave enough time to move elsewhere, but users got mad and scared and ran away all together. RSS Readers owners aren’t being able to handle the huge income. I wish FeedDemon haven’t be killed.

You should go to your credit card co. and dispute the second charge.

Have you emailed me as suggested? I only see a single charge on your account, but I refunded it. You should see the refund in 5-10 days.

No, sorry, I haven’t emailed you. Though I’ve written here several times.
I’ve been charged two times, reference numbers are attached above. Thanks for the refund.