Charged after cancellation

I have subscribed for premium membership last year and than cancelled my subscription immediately, my account is free account now. Yesterday I was again charged for the subscription fee. Can you please check and revert ?


I have sent a email with my User Name and transaction details to

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Same happened to me, :confused:

Will wait for a day before placing a request for chargeback.

So the issue was that you cancelled during that first week after Google Reader shutdown and those cancellations didn’t go through, unfortunately. You should have received an error message, but this has all been fixed now.

Hi Samuel, I am having the same issue. If the cancelation didn’t go through why does your site say there is no account with my email address? Also, how will I get refunded the new $24 charge?


Sam prefers to handle account issues via email. Send him a username, registered email address or a payment receipt:

Yea, thanks Martin. I just emailed him. Samuel should have actual email support, since he has a paid service.