Charged $24 for nonexistent account

I was charged $24 for a premium account the other day after cancelling the account months ago! I’m unable to access the account no since it no longer exists. I’ve emailed the NewsBlur admin a few days ago and got no reply!

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I clean out my inbox every couple days. If you emailed me I’ll process your refund soon. Now, why your account was charged I’m not sure. When you delete your account, I cancel the subscription. There was a brief week back in March where I didn’t, but if you’re getting charged now then I can assure you the subscription was supposed to have been automatically canceled.

It’s possible that you either changed your username or your email and that’s why it wasn’t canceled properly.

I definitely didn’t change my email address. I don’t think I changed my username either. I did have two premium accounts with you - one started June 15, 2013 and the other was started around January 26, 2014. Both accounts were under this email address and both accounts should be closed.

Ah-ha, it’s probably an email address collision and only one of them was canceled.

Please let me know what you find out.