Changing Google Reader Account

At initial setup I linked one Google Reader account to play around with NewsBlur. I did not realize I wouldn’t be able to change the Google Reader account I want to pull in at a later point. At least, I can’t seem to find a way to do so. Any thoughts? Do I have to cancel my account and set up a new one? Do I use the Erase Yourself tool?

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Just sent you an email. For anybody else who wants this, just email me your username. I’m happy to remove your Google Reader credentials so you can reconnect.

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If I re-import from Google, will those changes be reflected in Newsblur? Maybe that explains what I’m seeing, or not seeing. Newsblur doesn’t seem to be updating the unread counts based on what is currently in Google.

Just upgrade to Premium. I want to be able to import several times before I get everything just right. I don’t need to change the account like the original poster.

I also need a Google Reader credentials reset. I emailed you the relevant account information.

Just fixed this. Could you do me a favor and try again? Please let me know if it works! Make sure you de-authorize the token on your Google account first, otherwise NewsBlur won’t try to get a new token.