Change view from Feed to Story view does not work when I view "Everything"

I changed some feeds from feed view to story view on the settings but they still only show up in feed view when I view everything (river of news) - they show up correctly when I view the “folder”.
Is this a feature or a bug?


Hmm, so you’re saying each individual story should use its site’s view? I don’t believe it does this currently in a Folder view, let-alone Everything.

When I look at an arcticle in Folder view it is shown as Feed or Story depending on what I choose.
When I look at my River Of News its always shown in the Feed view. Changing the Site Settings to “Story” has no effect. It would be nice if the site settings would always work (also in the River Of News).

You can set different view settings for each item in the left pane, so for each feed, folder and the “Everything” tab. And that works fine for me.

If I understand you correctly, you can’t use the story view for the “Everything” tab, right? As I sad, this works fine for me, I can choose between the story and feed view while the “Everything” items are shown.

I can also choose between the story and feed view while the “Everything” items are shown but I would expect that the view settings I did set for each feed would be respected in the “Everything” view.
Example: I have set the Lifehacker blog to view in “Story” mode because they only deliver a partial feed. When I just view the new articles in the view for this feed they are shown correctly in “Story view” but when I read them in “Everything” the are shown in “Feed View” and I have to “manually” change it to “Story View”.
It’s no big thing for me but it would be great if I see my articles in “Everything” also in the view I have chosen for each feed.

This request has come up before. Not an unreasonable request. The issue is that there is no Original view for a River/Folder view, so you have to use either Feed or Story. So if the original feed is set to Original view, and your global default is set to Original, then the folder view will use a Feed view. But if you click between Story or Feed, then you would be setting the view for the original view, not the folder view. Then you’d go back to the original feed and would no longer have it on the Original view.

That’s a bit confusing, but the problem is that the options in a folder view do not match the feed’s view options, so if you change the view, you’d end up inadvertently setting the view to something you may not have intended.

Alternatively, the way it is now, the folder gets a view. Pretty simple.

Oh, and if you want to quickly enter the Story view, hit ‘enter’. You can also use the left and right arrow keys to switch between views quickly. That’s the compromise. Of course, I can be convinced otherwise.

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