Change to Android mark all as read behavior.

On the Android app, “mark all as read” in a feed then dumps you out of the feed. It would be nice to be able to mark all as read, and then go back and mark a few as unread for later viewing.


But please, whatever you do, don’t copy the behavior of the Feedly web client, where “mark all as read” in a feed will automatically take you to the next feed (that is, below the current feed by alphabetical order) in that folder that has unread items. Or if there are no more feeds below the current feed (by alphabetical order) in the folder that have unread items (and even if there are feeds in the folder above the current feed that do have unread items), it will skip to the next folder! I find that to be horribly confusing!

Hmm, I quite like the mark as read sending you back out to the feed list.

Well, understood if you don’t want to go that way. But this is my use case:

I check a high volume feed. There are a large number of stories, too many to work through individually. I DO see two or three that I’d like to check out later, but I want to trash most of them. So, I would like to mark all as read, and go unread those couple of stories for later reading.

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