Change modal conainers to fix Chrome z-index issues

I’m trying to get into using the Train feature, but the Chrome z-index issue (as mentioned in…) is making it a hassle (at least I assume that’s the culprit) - if a post contains an embedded video, the video covers the Training form and I have to do a lot of shuffling around to work with it.

I’ve no idea whether this is likely to be fixed at the Chrome end. Would it be feasible to change these modal forms in the NB interface? With the Training form, for example, could it be injected into the reader beneath the post title instead?

Even hiding .video-container divs while the Training form is visible would do the trick until the wider problem is fixed (which I appreciate is beyond NB’s control). Of course that’s just a fix for video embeds, and there may be related issues I haven’t come across yet. I’ve tried a few userstyle tweaks but haven’t hit on a good solution so far.

Oh, and thanks for a great product!

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