Centered text for stories?

Count me among those who had trouble finding the setting, even after arriving in this thread.

Part of my confusion is that I found the other list of style settings that looks similar in that menu at the top right (where you select unread/all, newest/oldest ordering). And of course there are also some visual settings at the bottom of the gear menu on the left but has yet a different subset of settings available.

I can see where this new default is going to be advantageous for some users, and I’m content now that I could set it to my liking. But maybe there’s room for improvement when it comes to how these visual settings are spread across multiple parts of the NewsBlur UI?

I’m also not usually excited about those pop-overs that tell you “something has changed; here’s how you can change it back” but I guess when folks have trouble after a default setting has been changed maybe it’s a good idea. Hypothetically, a balloon just above the “Style ^” could have read something like: "Story text is centered [centered icon] by default. To update your preference, click here and then choose “Full Width, [left aligned icon], [centered icon], or [right aligned icon]”. Or, a second balloon could highlight the row once the user has opened the Style menu. (this sounds like work to implement, and is maybe now water under the bridge)

I also noticed that there is not a tooltip/hover text for the icons. The usefulness of hover text is waning as people switch to touch-based interfaces, but it’s another “it wouldn’t hurt, except for the cost of implementing it”.

In any case, please forgive my back-seat development suggestions. Thanks for developing NewsBlur!

Thanks for your feedback. We do have tooltips for some buttons, but even then, I sort of expect people to know to use the Style popover to customize the interface or be content with the default. I ensure the default is how I intend NewsBlur to look, so centering text falls in line with that expectation. In other words, with perfect hindsight, I would’ve launched with this setting set the way it is now.

Also, I feel like changing the interface in the ever-present desire to improve it makes an interface feel fresh, as it is clear it’s being worked on.

I’m also a fan of the left align who got surprised by the change.
Glad the styling options are versatile to let us keep the left alignment. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been frustratingly trying to figure out what “bug” happened to NewsBlur for the past day :laughing:

Is there a feature change feed or something else that we can subscribe to so we can learn when changes like this happen? I thought for sure something in my browser had broken the CSS.

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I just haven’t blogged it yet. Planning to do so this afternoon. I just wanted to ensure the bugs were gone and to know what people thought of the new magazine view.

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Did this new magazine view perhaps break the grid view thumbnails?
I’m not getting any thumbnails on grid view on YouTube channel feeds.

OK, this change was incredibly annoying and it took me far too long to figure out how to get my view back to where it was before this was applied.

Can we be notified when changes like this are going to be implemented, along with clear instructions how to not have them affect us?

ETA: And now it’s only showing me one story at a time, I have to hit the “next unread” button to see the next one instead of being able to scroll.


I recommend the default be left centered. I’ve changed my settings to be left centered so I’m good but, to me, centered makes no sense.