Can't type into search box (loses focus)

This is in the web version. After selecting a blog, I start typing a search term in search box in the top right. (This is the box with the rounded corners and magnifying glass icon.) After typing a few characters, it refreshes and the cursor is reset to the beginning of the search box. This makes it difficult to type anything into the search box.

Workaround: type the search term somewhere else and use cut and paste.

What’s your browser and OS? It shouldn’t be doing that.

Chrome 79.0.3945.117 on MacOS 10.12.6.

The blog I was reading was: It is in “Story” mode and I also have “Split” mode enabled. The search order is “all”, “newest” and it’s a blog I’ve been reading for a while. I’m all caught up so it wasn’t displaying any new articles, but I was searching for an older article.

The story list on the left side refreshes occasionally as I type, and it renders rather slowly. Sample search query: “extension security”.

It seems like when the bug happens, the whole top panel containing the search box refreshes. When you click in the search box, there is an animation triggered where the search box opens up wider. Sometimes I see this happening multiple types while I try to type.

If I type “extension security” pretty quickly, I’m able to type it before any refresh, but then it refreshes three times, with the search box widening animation playing each time.

I played around with full, list, split, and grid mode, and they all seem pretty choppy.

I tried a different blog and I did see the bug happen once or twice, but not consistently.