Can't signup with Google Reader

I tried to import my google reader account, but I found the web page “It’s an error”.

Now I can’t retry because my login is already used but I don’t have any email and I can’t connect to NewsBlur with this login.


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This is now fixed. Sorry about that!

Here’s the great news, though. It was a result of a rather large database migration that I need in preparation of launching the public beta of social. I am now testing the final pieces before the public beta opens. Unfortunately, there were some backwards-breaking changes introduced to the database schema that were not checked in the case of new users.

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Thanks, it works !

(I’m french so I don’t speak very well english)
I use Google reader for a long time but I missed the opportunity to view a live the website I visit. I had the idea to code these days but a friend told me about your website, and it’s really great that you have the job done. thank you !