Can't share from iPad embedded browser, NewsBlur 2.0

Say an article has a link, you click the link and get the embedded browser. The browser has forwards/back buttons lower left, and reload and share buttons lower right.

The share button doesn’t work.

Press it and it appears to activate (goes a lighter shade for a second), but no ‘Share to’ panel appears.

iPad 3 MC707B/A, iOS 6.1.3

This issue, together with the removal of Pinboard support, pretty much makes the new iOS NewsBlur useless for me right now, which is a bit annoying as I paid for the premium account as the answer to my multi-platform Google reader problems. The website redesign works a treat, but I’ve been using that on dev.newsblur for a couple of months. Sorry/thanks!


I saw this as well, iPad 3 + iOS 6.1.3 as well.

I can get the new share menu to come up and can see the option to share to Pinboard. But the option to share to Tumblr is gone, which is one of the big things I liked about NewsBlur when I signed up. Please add it back!

I second this problem. The share button in the embedded browser seems to have no function.

Please ignore the above message! I was confused by which share menu was being discussed.

I can also confirm that the share menu in the embedded ipad browser does not activate. This is on an iPad 2 + iOS 6.1

Same here, it worked the first time on the iPad but afterward, it stopped showing the share sheet.

Also, why was removed? It is one of top services there is.

Same here, also iPad 3. The share button never had any effect. I understand the iOS app is still a work in progress, is this simply not implemented yet?