Can't see new posts or even saved posts

For the past few days when I turn on Newsblur my feeds show up as normal with the number beside them of new/fresh posts, but when I try to open them there’s is nothing there? Even in my “saved” section where I have 22 articles saved it shows the number 22 but when I click on it to its empty as well?

Any ideas


Are you in Focus mode?

Actually, saved stories should always show up. What browser are you using? And I added messaging that says you have N hidden stories when accidentally in Focus mode.

I have the same problem in Focus mode.

See the below screenshot - no amount of reloading could get stories to show up.

See that message that says “There are N hidden stories”. That means you’re in Focus mode (bottom left). Click on Unread and the stories will show up.

I’m purposely in Focus mode as I only want to read my unread Focus list items. Is there a reason my unread items in focus mode (and you can see there are 148 of them) aren’t showing up?


Additionally, as I read through my “all stories” unread Focus mode feed quickly, the number which appeared in the river went from 5 down 2 then down to 0 (as seen above).