Can't remove trainer item

I have an item in my trainer that I can not remove. I have tried using the train option when items apear with it to remove it that way. I have tried to edit the entire list on the particular feed. No dice. I can not get the trainer to stop including the green smite item. Any ideas?

Here is a link to the feed training. You can see i have tried twice to set a negative on “SMITE” but i have not been able to remove the positive on “SMITE” no matter what.

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Try setting all of the SMITE’s back to neutral, then saving.

Was able to remove the two negative items but the positive item still persists. Odd.

What’s your username?


Hey Samuel,

Just checking in. I know this one isn’t top of priority but just thought I’d ask if there is any news on it.


Fixed. There was a space at the end of that classifier, but the UI would truncate it. Sorry that took so long.

Hi Samuel,

This issue has popped up again. Here are the details.
The feed:…
Un-changeable trainer item: “Daily Fix”

I’ve tried to edit the trained item from both the story and by right clicking on the feed. Neither make a permanent change.

Thanks much,