Can't read my Saved Stories at

My saved stories shows a count of 72. When I click on “Saved Stories” to view them all. I get an empty window saying “Select a story to read” Many of my saved stories pre-date tags/folders. The 8 stories I do have tagged I can view, but the rest are missing.

In the iPhone App I can hit “saved stories” and browse the whole list. I’ve tried fiddling with my settings, but nothing seems to bring them back in the webview.

I’ve checked in Firefox, Chrome & IE on Windows & Firefox, Chrome & Safari on OS X.

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What view are you in? Try selecting Feed view instead of Text view.

Did more fiddling with various Preferences combinations.

Changing “Feed View” to “Show all Stories” makes them appear. “Show a single story” makes them disappear. I’m trying a few of my other settings to see if there’s any other pieces to the combination.

Feed vs. Text view didn’t seem to change it.