Can't read feeds from "The People Have Spoken" because I keep being force-scrolled to the bottom of the list of stories

The problem is essentially in the title, but when I try to read stories from “The People Have Spoken” the list of stories keeps expanding (I show all stories, read as well as unread). Stories keep loading at the bottom of the list, and whenever more stories load and are added to the bottom of the list, the list of stories jumps to the bottom. This makes it very difficult to click on the story I want to read, because right when I’m about to click on a story, new stories load at the bottom of the list and my scrolling jumps down.

I believe this is new; I don’t think I’ve ever had problems reading from that feed before. The auto-scroll-to-bottom behavior also doesn’t seem to affect other feeds.

Is anyone else having this problem? Let me know if there’s something I should do to fix it.

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Yes, it’s very likely I introduced this bug yesterday. I just need to know your username and I can get it fixed. And thanks so much for writing this up!

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I never replied to this, but thanks for getting it fixed!! (My username is, and was, msteffen).

I actually just found this thread because I started having the problem again (browsing with the latest version of Chrome, 52.0.2743.116 I believe, on an asus chromebook). Let me know if there’s anything I should do to help fix it!

Hi Samuel (or anyone else who may be reading this!), I apologize that I keep posting to this, but I actually just starting having this problem again (browsing with Chrome Version 53.0.2785.154 on the same Asus Chromebook). As with last time, is there anything I can do to help fix it?

I just wanted to say, thank you for creating newsblur (I still love it, and have been using it for what feels like forever now) and for all of your help with this!